The software solution product, Mobile Incident Compliance System or MICS, was developed to help prepare and improve hospital response to an overwhelming event using an all hazards approach. It enables an emergency management program to customize their incident response plans onto a cloud-based system for the purposes of real-time event monitoring and can be used for training and education. All actions will be captured for regulatory compliance purposes, after action reporting and for process and quality improvements. Overtime, MICS will help create a sustainable and robust response plan for large and small healthcare organizations.

What is MICS?

MICS offers a web based and mobile application software solution product designed for hospital emergency management programs to help eliminate the current paper driven systems and improve existing response plans.

MICS allows for real-time synchronization between mobile and desktop applications using the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) structure for individual hospitals.

What can MICS do for you?

Utilize a customizable Job Action Sheet for an all hazards approach to incident management

Manage and monitor events in real-time

View message boards, contact information and tasks completed by role

Enhance accountability and expedite incident documentation

Access contacts, resource links and additional job aids

MICS Capabilities


Cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service customized for each organization with Web service API & mobile application for real time incident management and tracking

Industry Reports

Allows for data collection for After Action Reports, Accreditation standards, Regulatory Requirements and funding or grant requirements

Improvement Planning

Identifies program strengths and identifies gaps for management processes, organizational structures, resources, corrective action tracking and lessons learned


Enhance education & training programs by maintaining readiness, standardizes incident response actions and provides evaluation content

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